Hungry Angry Lonely Tired

Been experiencing this for 10 years. Life’s a mess. Have so much but it looks like nothing. Leave people to talk alone and they spread only negativity about you. Can’t see what life can be made up of.

I live in an urban area with an mind blowing population. Still I turned out to be the loneliest person. Life is a lie.

I have done nothing bad or wrong to deserve this humanity punishment. Yet people still treat me like this.

I don’t judge people not in my mind. But people are judging to the face. And they are judging me. So much negativity. I’m tired of being pushed around and tried to be a member of some one who thinks of himself as a team leader. This life is a joke. Why should I be with such people. I mean what have I done wrong? Why to be so jealous of me. Why so much hatred. I am not even allowed to live because of my thoughts? What’s with all of this happening.


Kill me or just take away my soul. Don’t keep on torturing me depression.