This one dream was intense so intense it was like I was really in it! You know the moment when you forget it’s just a dream and not reality? Well this was the time. It was like I was writing my own future and experiencing it.

Man dreams are awesome… can’t compare it to a drug trip but it is it’s own fun.

Let me summaries my dream, it was me and an friend becoming Arabs (I was dreaming in my dream I guess, INCEPTION) and I had to call up one of my online Egypt friend to my country and perform a rock show with him and his group and few other people attending my small rock concert.

Holy crap! Coming to think about it, I had saw two guys performing at the metro station on my way from work [oh yes I finally got a job… again (though this time I’m focused into it)]

Ah man… me wearing a french beard without moustache and dressing as Arabs… I was talking about it at work with a Co – worker. !!!

I have such a good short term memory though I don’t know how I forgot my phone’s unlock pattern… stressful… no reason to stress but I’m.

The layout of my dream was set in a town I used to be in for my high school. Man writing dreams down is gonna come handy sometime soon…

I have to work on my English to make my blog posts.. more… literature type… that’s it I can do it in free time from my work when I’m stuck in traffic. Better than playing traffic rider LOL